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Updated: Nov 10, 2020


Sarah and myself have know each other for over a year through Instagram, though it has taken us almost all that time to meet in person. We just met face to face a month ago. But I feel so close to this extraordinary woman.

When we met last year, she said that she started following me because I did the 100 paintings in 100 days project for Heads Together and that I must be mad, so she thought it would be great to follow me. I am a bit mad, that is true, but that brought a smile to my face. It reassured me that we will probably share lots of mad moments together. I can tell you that I proudly call her My Insta Friend! Hope that is ok Sarah, I won't mention the M_____ word.

Sarah does mainly reusable face wipes, but she helps so many causes and she supports so many indie, small and local businesses.

She is currently giving a free set of wipes every day throughout October to support and raise awareness of the lovely work that Little Lifts UK do, Little Lifts UK is a small charity that send a little lift box to women that are starting their breast chancer chemotherapy treatment.

And as you heard yesterday in our lovely IG Live Episode, she has put together a lovely list of products and presents that are made by small, indie, but mighty companies to have a more sustainable and supportive to small businesses this coming Christmas.

Join her Newsletter if you want to be on the loop.

Sarah is such an open, genuine and truly kind human.

Big virtual hugs my lovely friend.

I leave now, for her to tell you a bit about Pip and Lil Original.

Check out for the IGTV Recording and Sarah's website shop at the end of the Blog Post.

Hi, I’m Sarah, Mum to Pip and Lil and maker of all things Pip and Lil Original! I sew reusables amongst other things out of bright and bold fabrics I love… I hope you love them too. My reusable face wipes make excellent alternatives to cotton wool and are made from super-soft towelling. I’m passionate about making joyful and affordable reusables. Prices for my wipes start from £6. You can buy my wipes (and other things) by following the link in my bio of @pipandliloriginal or just drop me a dm and I can send you a link to my online store. Stay safe Sarah x

Pip and Lil Original´s shop and social media links.

THE SUSTAINABLE 2020 CHRISTMAS IG LIVE Episode 2 for you to check

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