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Making a Difference one Knot at a Time

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The words that would define me and my work best would be authenticity, sustainability and passion.


I have received lots of advice in my working career but doing what you love, hard work, being brave, and taking chances would really be the ones that have got me to where I am today.


I have worked in different fields and I have developed so many different skills, but I have always followed my destiny and that is why I am here today.


I will never stop learning; from earning 2 Degrees, to a Coaching Diploma, becoming a motivational speaker, an Eco sustainability warrior, to my great deep passion for colour, art and knotting.


Learning and development will always define me.



I learn from my clients and students, and my clients and students learn from me. It is a two-way street.


We become friends, confidants, I take care of their dreams, their budgets and I listen to understand what they are looking for.


I make their homes and businesses temples of eco fibre art and poetry.

The values of my brand are to use eco fibres, which means, recycled cotton, reclaimed wool that would have ended in a landfill, or unused, reused materials as sometimes I use fabric that would have been thrown away.

I support mental health charities too. Some of the money I make with my workshops will go to fund free projects and workshops with local mental health groups or organisations that are using art as a tool for therapy.

Photo 1: Clare Searle. Photo 2: Brittany Judd @thelifeunscripted

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