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Making a Difference one Knot at a Time

I started macramé by chance; I had been using creativity as a mental health support for a few months last year. I had done lots of painting in watercolour for 3 months and I needed a change of medium.

And then these courses came along, from the learning platform Domestika.


One was with Belen Senra from http://www.ranrandesign.com/ on the basics of macrame and the other one was with Mariana Baertl from https://www.livingfibersart.com/ on the basics of latch hook and looker hook. They planted a seed that has now become a young tree, and that hopefully soon will be a tree that gives shadow and inspiration to more fibre artists, designers and anyone who wants to use macrame as a meditation and consciousness tool.

The values of my brand are to use eco fibres, that means, recycled cotton, reclaimed wool that would have ended in land fill, or unused, reused materials as sometimes I use fabric that would have been thrown away.

I support mental health charities too. Some of the money I make with my workshops will go to fund free projects with local mental health groups or organisations that are using art as a tool for therapy.

I thrive on producing unique, personally tailored pieces for your space. “Your space” might be your home, your office, a restaurant, a hotel, or even your garden (check out my deck chair).

I have a dream… I have a dream that I can make a difference one Knot at a Time. I can make a difference to the environment with my art, and I can make a difference by sharing my art with people who, like me, have or are suffering from mental health issues.

I have a vision… would you like to be part of it?

Photo 1: Clare Searle. Photo 2: Brittany Judd @thelifeunscripted


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