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Our Charity Partners

We stand by our values

Making a Difference one Knot at a Time

Our values of taking care of our environment, reducing the impact of fast fashion, creating a more sustainable future and supporting the creative arts as a tool for mental health recovery had to be part of our success.

Therefore, we will be donating some of our proceedings:

  • 5% of all our shop sales profit will go to support two local eco organisations:

    • Greener and Cleaner Bromley and Beyond, and

    • Downham Matters.


These two organisations have been making an incredible difference to both the communities in Bromley and Downham; from litter picking to raising awareness on air pollution, donated pre-loved clothes fundraising, to support schools in the nearby boroughs, so the younger generations are making a difference from day one.


Their incredible support, advice and raising of awareness have brought our community closer and we can feel we are making a difference for the future of the earth.

  • 5% of all our workshop’s profits will go to support and create free workshops to support Bromley, Lewisham and Greenwich Mind Charity


Having received Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and other counselling services from SLaM: Improving Access to Psychological Therapies throughout my time in the Borough of Lewisham, I wouldn’t be where I am today without their incredible services and team. Mental health is physical health and our brains should be cared for as much as other parts of our bodies. 

It is time for me to give back on knot at a time.

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