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Sustainable Interior Design for your home and Business

Making a Difference one Knot at a Time

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When it comes to business commissions for restaurants, offices, home offices, shared offices, hotels, and any space you would like a statement piece for, I thrive to create a piece that not just fits the space, but that it creates that feeling you have always looked for.

With recycled, reclaimed or reused fibres and using macrame and simple woven techniques our pieces will make their way into your spaces bringing texture, ecological materials and a handmade aesthetic that you won’t find anywhere else.

I would love to work with your interior design studio and create that art piece that will uniquely suit the space you and your client are creating. From boho chic, to earthy eco, to a modern art feeling, I would love to work together with you.

Please contact me to start creating together.


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Your home is your inspiration, where your ideas flow, where you feel safe, where you grow a family, where you create magical moments, and nowadays for many of us where we work too.

So, when a commission comes along for a home, I want to make it about you, your space and your magic.

Our pieces will become part of those moments and memories, so I will work together with you and your ideas until it is perfect.

Whether it is for your home working space, your bedroom or that blank space you want to fill in your living room, please contact me to get the creative flow going.

Our pieces are a call to an eco-connection statement that will capture everyone’s attention and will make a difference to your home and to the environment. 

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