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Using driftwood and recycled cotton macrame cords in deep blue, pure white, browns and golds.

The Beach evokes sunsets and sunrises at the beach, the waves that come and go, the white reflections of the sun on the ocean surface, the shells and rocks.

Measuring 84 cm wide and 1115 cm long.

The Beach

  • Measurements: 

    84 cm wide and 115 cm long.

    Macrame 7mm recycled cotton macrame 3 ply cord in deep blue and white.

    And various recycled cotton cords in shades of brown, white and gold.


  • Most of our wall hanging piece are bespoke and made to measure. Once the design has been agreed with you or you have bought one of our pieces, unless there is a fault in the piece or it doesn't meet the requirements agreed we won't make refunds or accept returns.

    We hope you understand.

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