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Eco Branding: How to create a conscious, sustainable and Eco brand.

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

When considering the decision of branding, one of the things I had clear was that I wanted a brand that was memorable, simple and clean (In both its image and in its impact on the environment).

I researched eco labelling, packaging, pricing and sustainability. As the logo developed, I realised that I wanted to go back to basics.

I wanted to avoid glue, stickers and products that are not necessarily associated as pollutants, but that in the long term they would have a negative environmental impact.

So I though about how things were done back when I was a kid and I saw the lovely branding of Sarah at (Check her out, she does the most amazing reusable wipes and she is always helping out good causes and other creators), and I knew I had to go stamping.

I wanted the wood I work with to be branded with my logo and I wanted to control the production myself.

Normally with any given printed product the more you order the cheaper it gets but with this hand stamping method, yes… I would have to invest a bit more at the beginning but that would be it. I would then be the owner of my future branding.

I started with my wood branding and for that I connected with Simon from

He can tell you the story on how I ordered the stamp handle without ordering the actual stamp! Inexperienced branding queen I am!

Look at the pictures of my beautiful, eye-catching icon on my wood.

And then I wanted normal ink stamps for my packaging and Eco merchandising and here is a discovery everyone: it as all about them. They are greener as greener can be! They plant a tree with every custom stamp they make and so far I have helped them plant 2 trees. All their packaging is plastic free and their stamps are 100% vegan friendly.

And this is what the result is of my Eco branding research and work.

I am so proud of working with these beautiful creators.

So, this is mainly a shout out to all of you! There are people out there that are super Eco friendly and who can make your branding super beautiful too.

Let me know what you think?

Do you like it? Do you not like it?

What would you have done differently?

Do you have any other tips for others to follow?

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