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I was contacted by Wescover early this year.

I was extremely honoured by the offer, as some of my favourite Interior Design Artists are featured in their website.

If you haven´t visited Wescover´s website and map, please take a minute and have a look at all its marvellous art pieces that are in it from furniture, lighting, art, décor and even renovation features.

They even have a Macrame Wall Hanging section within the Art section, how much talent there is in our community, in fact, some of my favourite Macrame Artist from around the world are featured in that section. And so am I.



As described in their about page in their website:

“Wescover is a platform or a map for you to shop for unique, meaningfully made items. Each piece is sold by the original Creator so you can directly support artists & designers you believe in.

Unique designs are personal— and so is the experience of buying one.

Many pieces on Wescover are ready to ship, while others are made-to-order, customizable, or 100% collaborations between you and the Creator.

That's why most sales on Wescover start with a conversation or inquiry with the Creator.

Connect over your vision and share your budget to see which Creator can make something just for you.”

And that is what they do, and it is a wonderful platform.

Before starting Wescover, their founders were design-curious but out of the loop. They’d spot pieces everywhere: in hotels, restaurants and gorgeous homes.

Yet, when it came time to buy for their own homes, they found that the original Creators behind these works were so hard to find among the big brands and disposable decor online.

So, they decided to start a design map to make sure these small artists, designers, and craftsmen got credit for their work and were discoverable online. As their map grew, so did their community and soon they knew thousands of Creators around the world!

Today, Wescover is also a marketplace where you can join them in supporting these Creators.

If you are an Interior Designer, or you just want to find a piece of furniture, art, lighting and support the creators directly please visit Wescover and of course, my personal profile too.

Leonor MacraMaker Wescover Profile:

Wescover website:

Wescover Macrame Wall Hanging Art:

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