New macrame cord to start selling the week of the 12th July.

I am thrilled to announce that from the 12th of July I will be selling recycled macrame cord to any of my students and followers.

I have chosen the classic natural cords to start with and then we will move from there.

With loads of colours on the 7mm but selling just by metre sets, July is going to be a macrame knotting month.

The 3 ply natural cord is done with 95% recycled cotton GRS and 5% recycled PET GRS.

This cord has high resistance, definition and a lot of character. It is ideal if you would like to achieve volume and defined texture in your fibre pieces.

Being recycled makes it super soft to the touch. The 5% of recycled PET is needed as on its own the recycled cotton would not become a thread.

All materials are recycled and certified by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), so it is a high sustainable and environmental friendly macrame cord.

I have stocked the following widths. Which one would go for?

  • 2 mm: 400 grams /100 metres

Ideal for jellewery, bags, keyrings, cushions, plant hangers and wall hangings.

  • 5 mm: 650 grams/50 metres.

Ideal for wall hangings, plant hangers and deck chairs

  • 7 mm: 1 kg /50 metres

Ideal for big wall hangings.

The single ply twisted natural cord is made with 95% recycled cotton GRS and 5% recycled PET GRS too.

The two widths available for this are:

  • 3 mm, 70 threads: 500 grams /110 metres.

  • 9 mm, 150 threads: 1 kg /75 metres