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You all know by now my love of trees.

Those gentle giants that stand by us in our way to work, in the parks, in the forest, but the roads that take us on holidays. Always still, holding life, shedding their leaves and withholding the cold winters to then bring us the green leaves and the oxygen back to our lives.

I respect them truly. And when a tree dies, we should honour it for years to come.

My way of honouring trees is not cutting anymore.

That is why my macrame frame is made of recycled wood. No new trees were cut in its creation. Thanks, both Charlie and the team at Solo Wood Recycling for creating this piece of recycled wood art that helps me produce my pieces.

But when I go to the forest or the park, my eyes admire in awe the beauty of these gentle beasts, that feel us.

I touch trees, I hug trees, they connect me with the earth in a way that nothing else can.

So, If I find a beautiful branch on the floor. I rescue her. I take care of her and I promise to honour her by making a beautiful piece of art with it.

I have found time and time again, that the most beautiful pieces of macrame on a branch tend to come to me.

I hang the piece on the frame for a while, I need to observe that beautiful piece of wood, its colours, its bends, its imperfections. I don’t plan them. Overthinking tends to create a far too restricted piece and with lack of originality.

Some branches as the one I used for Autumn Leaves where perfect for that piece and as being part of a commission, it felt right, as it was straight, and its brown colour matched perfectly with the effect I wanted to achieve.

In the case of the Amalfi Plant Hanger, the branch made the plant hanger come to life. It became the anchor of the plant hanger and it blends with the plant hanging from it. The dark brown and the greens merge and contrasting with the white cord bring to life a unique creation to make of this plant hanger a feature on your walls.

The beach was sitting for weeks on the frame and just after I started to hang the blue cords on it randomly that the concept of what it was going to become came to me.

The beach is about the waves, the asymmetry of the blue tongues represents the waves coming into the sore. But the sand, the shells and the rocks are part of the sea too. The white foam of the waves crushing on the sand, and the golden touches of the sun both at sunrise and dusk bring you all those feelings and colours, so you can connect with the beach at home everyday you look at it.

Branches tell stories, branches are part of nature, branches are part of a leaving tree that gifted our past generations with so much, that I try and honour it now, to remind us that what matters most is the small things in life.

A tree, a beach, a feather, a plant and a branch coming together.

I love nature. I love trees.

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