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International Creativity Month was created by Randall Munson, speaker, executive, best-selling author, educator and entertainer.

It is set on January as being the first month of the year it provides us with an opportunity to approach our problems and approach to life in a different light, and it helps us renew our confidence in our creative capabilities.

And yes, we all are creative beings. We just don’t practise creativity as we used to because we are told it is not valuable and worth to our current social model.

But after almost a year in lockdown, we know that we need creativity to survive. With the lack of music gigs, theatres, museums, travelling lots of us have seen our mental health suffer, even more than before, and that is because we have been starved of creative influx in our life.

You don’t have to be a designer, a musician but if you exercise that creativity from within, your mental health, your problem solving, and your life will feel more complete.

Have a look at your followers and who you are following and during this month make sure that you showcase how various creative and cultural infrastructures provide ideas and address their pandemic challenges across different sectors and raise awareness.

Celebrate those creative visionaries and why not, maybe join the club, inspire yourself, inspire others.

Let’s be creative together.

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