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How Macrame got me out of survival mode and into Business creating Mode.

I have always been scared of calling myself an Artist.

But a year ago I started the journey to pursue my dreams. I took a year to step back and look at things in a different light.

A way that I never had dared explore before, and made me change my mind in so many ways.

Starting by the view I had of myself; I dared to say out loud: "I am an artist, I am a coach, I am a creator of art, of stories, of new challenges".

And today the 4th of June 2020 starts the first day of that challenge, making my dream a reality.

Starting up a business. A business doing something I love.

A business to create art pieces that will belong to a home or a business and that will make it unique, authentic and personalised spaces.

When we are little, at primary school, we use the arts as part of expressing ourselves by dancing, singing, painting, creating, and then there comes adulthood and professional life and unless you have boxed yourself, much to your mother dismay, as an artist; you will never pursue that side of expression ever again.

I discovered this with Julia Cameron's book "The Artist Way" and a bit of me died with at that moment.

I had been burring my artist within for too many years. I had not allowed myself to express myself in that way anymore. And I felt the hurt. It was time to let go.

2019 has been a year of painting, counselling, coaching, studying and knotting but mainly it has been a year of awareness and of getting out of Survival Mode and into Creator mode, of taking back the reins of my life and with my inner artist. The one that I had hide for years because, I just wasn't meant to be an artist.

And surprisingly,I found myself creating most comfortable with macrame. I found that knotting was a way for me to meditate, to be aware.

A medium whereby I could make my frustrations, fears and artist blockage to totally disappear.

And today on the 4th of June 2020, and with the support and help of the lovely team at Successful Mums, I am building my own business. A business where I will do what I love.

A business to make your fibre art dream a reality.

At the studio, we create unique, authentic and personalised handcrafted eco fibre art pieces to make your home or business space, unique, magical and memorable for yourself and anyone that enjoys and visits it.

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