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Hello all new subscribers and friends,

You must have been thinking... Has the MacraMaker show been closed?

Well, it has not, but it has been a few very hard months for me. My mental health has been all over the place and I have had to overcome a few situations that have made the path felt really steep.

I have kept on knotting, maybe a tad less that before, and have done loads of work on the back of it all, but truth be told I have struggled loads with Social Media quite a lot.

If any of you have a small business, followers in IG and FB doesn't directly mean that you get sales and returns, so I got frustrated with the amount of work I was putting into and the little result I was getting from it.

And then I got a notice and a deadline that I had to fulfill by the end of April, to finish my Business Coaching Diploma, and it all became too much. I had loads to work on and my brain felt like it was fizzing. And it still feels a bit that way today. And I am sure it will for a while still. I am just riding with it.

But I am back. I have now qualified as an ILM Business Coach and I can help other small and arts businesses to grow and fulfill their goals, and I can concentrate on moving both my Macrame and Coaching business ahead. And it feels good. Scary but good.

There are loads of new products, designs and surprises coming along in the next coming weeks, but I will start with the Local Showcase that launched on the 5th of June at The Glades in Bromley.

The Glades Shopping Centre as many other shopping centres all around the country have been hit with lots of business not reopening and therefore there are loads of empty spaces, but the team of The Glades together with artist and curator of the project Emma Jane Semmens have created the Local Showcase where local artists have been supported and given a platform to show their work.

Emma knows first hand how hard it is to create your art and have a platform that helps you live from it. So when the opportunity came along she wanted to help other artists, to help us. And I feel so lucky to have been selected for this month's showcase.

Please come along to Bromley and see the displays, walk around the shops and restaurants and enjoy the fact that local artists have taken over those empty spaces and The Glades feels truly alive, it feels welcoming and caring, and hey... when can you say something like that about a Shopping Centre nowdays? Well, The Glades does.

The Glades Bromley June 2021 Local Showcase Links to check

The Project:

The Local Showcase is curated by South East London artist Emma Jane Semmens, whose own pop-up store has been a huge hit at The Glades.

Mark Haynes, Centre Director, explains the new project: “The Glades is in such a great location, with wonderful talent on its doorstep in Kent and London. So it’s only right to bring some of those talented creators into The Glades, where people can be inspired by their work while supporting these independent makers directly.”

The Artists:

Rachel Malli:

Rachel Malli is a London-based visual artist honing her skills in abstract art through mixed media, graphics and photography. Her works are heavily inspired by colour, space, form and psychology.

Rachel is passionate about wellbeing and human rights and is always curious about new and interesting ways to represent mental health and celebration of self in her pieces. Her use of colours and form reflects the intricate yet wonderful layers of the mind and thought process.

Emma Thrussell:

Emma Thrussell is a traditional illustrator from the Bromley area. She works as a freelancer from her cosy home studio creating illustrations for clients and her own online shop selling prints, greetings cards and custom portraits.

Emma started out her creative journey at Ravensbourne university where she studied Art, Design and Animation. Experimenting with various art disciplines was where she found the passion for illustration and design. Her work is created with watercolours, gouache and coloured pencils and takes inspiration from nature, oddities and whimsical storytelling.

Roccia Jewellery

Roccia Jewellery was created by Jessica, a self-taught jeweller, and specialises in jewellery inspired by African culture.

Jessica aims to use the collection to educate and expose the world to African culture and history. The jewellery pieces are inclusive to all, and allow individuals to wear their heritage with pride.

The collection features handmade pieces and includes bracelets, necklaces, earrings, anklets and waistbeads.

Ellen Jane

Ellen Jane is a South East London-based lettering artist, illustrator and designer. She is best known for creating quirky and playful designs, featuring fun illustrations and funky looking letters. Ellen has worked with a wide range of clients, creating custom lettering artwork for products, publishing and advertising. When she isn’t dreaming up ideas for clients, Ellen designs prints, stickers and greeting cards, aimed to bring a dose of positivity to your home.

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