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Updated: Jun 18, 2021

We already knew that macrame was back in fashion, but we had mainly concentrated in interior design. Because it was mainly there where we knew it could be used.

But with the rebirth of it, there has been a truly inspiring trend of macrame fashion growing parallel to it. It has grown stronger and stronger.

In the 70's it was associated with hippy and Woodstock fashion, then it was allocated to maybe summer and beach wear.

But now it has become more main stream, and it is everywhere. From bags, to waistcoasts, tops, wedding dresses.

Yes, wedding dresses and even event dresses. The colombian Fashion Couture Brand Oropendola is the main and lead example of this.

From necklaces, to tops, evening gowns and wedding dresses. Their designs are defined by their volume, definition and gorgeous geometrical designs.

So, when I bought the Macrame Book by Fanny Zedenius Macrame 2 (see link below) and I saw that there were two fashion projects. I was over the moon. I really wanted to give them a go.

But I am not going to lie. I kept on opening the pages of the book and thinking... is it too big of a project for me? I wasn't sure I was going to be able to make it. So I kept on opening the book and saying soon....

Eventually I bought the cords (, if I had the cords that meant I had to start at some point, and I had a mannequin too, that I had got second hand from one of my eco groups... My excuses to not start the project and make my first macrame dress were running out. And it was one of my dreams. Make my own macrame dress.

So two weeks ago, and about the time that the Craft Circle with The Karen Arthur was due in June. I decided: No More Excuses.

And I started.

I have to say that if you follow Fanny's instructions there is no way you can get lost. They are simple and clear, and yes, you can do it too.

I know she has been super excited with me doing this project and I can't wait for her to see the final product.

So if you love macrame, and you want to go ahead and do a gorgeous dress, and like me to loose the fear to make your own pieces... then... you know were to go. Macrame 2 (link below) is your place to go.

The rest of the projects and guidance to basic knots are incredible too. Such a complete and gorgeous book with tones of projects.

If I can do it, so can you. And Fanny is ever so approachable in IG.

Hope you enjoy my end product and yes... next dress will be my own design.

Fanny Zedenius website and link to get her book Macrame 2:

Various links from my Pinterest Account linked to Macrame Fashion, have a look:

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