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Macrame is all about the cords.

Knotting is half about the knot you are creating and half about the cord you use.

One of the areas that I did more research when I started knotting was cords and the different types you can use to create a wall art piece, a bag, or a key ring.

Each cord has its advantages and disadvantages, like almost everything in life. But if you learn to know both of these for each cord, you can almost be able to make the most of each cord and provide excellent quality products with excellent quality cords.

When I started knotting I most got a general kit from Amazon, but as my knowledge grew. I knew that good quality cords or ropes were the basic for an incredible result in any of my creations.

So I did my research and try many cords and I here have chosen 3 of my favourites.

In this picture you can see 3 different types of cords with 3 different structures and thickness.


Bobbiny 5mm braided cord in natural. This cord has a slight stretch that allows your creations to withold different pressured knots. But it is brilliant for learning patterns and for learning the basic knots.

I have done some of my biggest pieces with this cord. And even a deck chair, and a couple of bags. It is great to learn.

But if you like fringes it might not be the right knot for you as you will see that the ends will just stay as knots.

The next knot is the 3 twisted ply 3mm cord.

This particular one that I used for this picture is one of the rolls that I originally bought in Amazon. You can find its recycled cotton alternative from various suppliers, but Bobbiny does a brilliant variety of colours and it knots incredibly well.

In this case the fringes do have a bit of a wave to them (see last picture of the blog post).

It can be a bit harder to work with, but the result is gorgeous and for traditional boho chic pieces it is the cord to go for.

The last one has become one my favourites.

It comes from Birmingham and it is provided by Jordan at Cl0ver Creations. It is a single cord twisted with 4mm thickness and it works beautiful, but the fringes are the softest I have ever worked with from a UK supplier. It is dreamy, easy to work with and it does give you a lot for your cord.

So, as you can see a lot of choices to make, but it is basic to become a confident macrame artist to know your different types of cords.

This is the picture of the fringes. Have a look and if you feel brave enough... tell me which one is your favourite and which one would you like to try first.

Much eco-fiber love.


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