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Hello lovely subscribers, visitors, macrame lovers and friends,

Back this week to remind you that you still have 10 days to come and visit my display at The Glades Shopping Centre in Bromley.

Today I wanted to talk a little about my display and reveal an INCREDIBLE GIVEAWAY

I brought loads of old pieces and new pieces and our Curator Emma Jane Semmens chose this 5.

What do you think of them?

My newest creation is called Wedgewood Prisms, you know I love colour and this colour combo has been calling me for a while.

Based on the Rainbow Diamond design I created last year for client. It measure 84 centimetres wide and 140 centimetres long.

And it is designed to create a focal point in that wall you need an outstanding piece of art to create an elegant, textured and sophisticated feel.

Did you know that big macrame pieces help with the acoustics in rooms with high ceilings? Perfect for those extensions and big renovations.

I can create this design in different colours , which one would work best in your home or business?

Always made with recycled cotton from the Fashion Industry, it is a beautiful piece of sustainable and eco exclusive piece of art.

Diamond Macrame Shelf

This piece was made with 4mm macrame sage cord and reclaimed wood from The Solo Wood Recycling Project in Croydon.

Simple but so beautiful

The Reef

One of my most loved pieces for how it was created and for its meaning.

I created this piece to highlight the bleaching of the coral reefs, I wanted to bring to live their colours and how the raise in global temperature is turning them white. I didn't want the white to take over it, as I believe we are still on time. I have hope.

I made it with left over recycled cotton cords from last year's macrame projects and using an antique frame from The Solo Wood Recycling Project in Croydon.

Autumn Feathers


From today onwards if you want to win this beautiful piece worth a whooping £120, you will need to do the following.

FIRST: Go to the Glades and find my display.

SECOND: Take a selfie of yourself at the display.

THIRD: Share it in your Instagram stories and don't forget to tag The Glades Bromley and myself.

Once the Local Showcase Display closes it will be all yours to pick up and put in your home.


About Autumn Leaves: I aimed to bring the outdoors indoors. Autumn is my second favourite season of the year, and the ocres, mustard and browns can truly create a sense of warmth in your wall.

What do you feel when you see this piece? What feeling does evoque?

The Macrame Deckchair

The Deckchair, was and it always will be one of my favourite projects. I made this one for myself, but I have worked in several commission to upcycle more in the last year or so. Always starting from an old frame it has become one of my signature products and my clients are always delighted with the result. A couple of them more I have been working on this summer. Which colour would you go for.

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