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Updated: Nov 10, 2020


I met Udi at a Craft Fayre back in February, before all this Covid-19 took over our lives. It was at Beckenham Place Park, and it was for both of us, our first Fayre.

We immediately bonded and we have been since then good friends and supported each other in this journey of having your own small creative business.

So, when I decided to launch THE SUSTAINABLE 2020 CHRISTMAS IG LIVE SERIES, I knew she had to be part of it.

Her products are incredible and the love that goes into making them is palpable. Purchase any of her products and you shall see what an incredible customer experience you will have from beginning to end.

I leave now, for her to tell you more about her Sustainable Local Business Project called

Cups of Candles London

Check out for the IGTV Recording and Udi's Etsy shop at the end of the Blog Post.

Hi there,

My name is Udi and I am the founder of Cups of Candles London.

For many years I held myself back with fear of failing but in December 2019 I decided to go for it, resigned from my job and started Cups of Candles London

Cups of Candles was launched in January 2020 after over 10 years of making gifts and crafting as a hobby. One of my favourite gifting items is candles and colourful wax melts. I liked to make every gift unique and always used containers such as tea cups, mugs, and bowls. After receiving positive feedback and encouragement from family

and friends, I started to develop my business idea.

I realised that many of the candles available to buy were not as environmentally friendly as I thought, so I decided I wanted my products to be as eco-friendly and sustainable as possible, this led me to research and in turn decide to use 100% Soy wax to make my candles.

Soy wax is a vegetable wax derived from the soy bean and is a sustainable product.

Since I had always made candles in cups it was the natural choice for these to be my signature product. It also meant that the cups could be used again for a desired purposes be it to have a drink, a plant pot, make up brushes or even for another candle!

Over the last 9 months I have added more products to my line including pick & mix wax melts in 80 fragrances and growing, shimmer granules, aroma melts and personalised items.

My brand stands for making affordable yet luxurious natural home fragrance products which are eco-friendly, natural and will compliment the interior of homes and more.

I also pride myself on delivering excellent customer service to ensure all customer have a pleasant buying experience.

I am now 10 months into my journey and am learning every day. I continue to try my best to make my business eco friendly and sustainable.

I have recently introduce candle refills for some of my cups, I always reuse packing from my suppliers and I do not use any form of single use plastic.

Many thanks


Udi's Etsy shop and social media links.

THE SUSTAINABLE 2020 CHRISTMAS IG LIVE Episode 1 for you to check

Photos by Brittany

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