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Updated: Nov 10, 2020


Leonora is one of those people that have really grasped me in Instagram.

There is certain people that their charm and positive energy transpires over the limits of the online world. And I can tell you, she is one of them.

We met by chance, I had been following her for a while, to be honest I am not sure for how long, and her creations are utterly beautiful, but we hadn’t talked much.

And then this gorgeous picture appeared on my feed, and I knew that there was a connexion between this ring and me. What I didn’t realise is that this ring would initiate more than a purchase.

I contacted Leonora regarding the ring and my ring size, how on earth would I know?

And well, first we discovered that our names were the same, how magical was that?; but then she went above a beyond to make sure it was the right size, she sent me to her blog and then I got a bit of an idea of how caring she was, and how she always wants to help.

Then I told her that the ring was going to be my birthday present from my husband (please note, my husband didn’t know this at the time), and that I would have to keep it quiet until the 29th. She said that it was ok.

And when it came through the post… the lovely note and a lovely pair of earrings came with the lovely ring too.

This has been the only one thing I have bought for myself this year, and it might be the last one. So, it is super meaningful to me, because of the beauty of it, within all this chaos we are living, but mainly, because of the connexion Leonora and myself have developed.

She cares, she has travelled the world (UK, Japan, Poland, the UK again), and the sea is her calling, she is connected to it, and she shows the beauty of it in everything she does. She takes from the ocean, but she respects the ocean, not everything she finds, she keeps.

Our sustainability journey has crossed paths, and we will learn and fight for it together, and that makes it more magical to me.

The ring was a great birthday present, but she is a much better present to me now. Thanks for coming into my life Leonora.

I leave you here with Leonora from Jima Jewellery.

Jima Jewellery is all about bringing the ocean to you.

Our motto is ‘Wear the ocean everyday’ because in each item, you will find a beach treasure, such as sea glass or driftwood or empty, discarded shells.

By collecting sea glass or sea pottery we are cleaning the beaches of the world and turning them into something beautiful.

Every piece is made with love and care on the south coast of England.

Leonora from Jima Jewellery

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What beautiful words Leonor!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart Xxx

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