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Updated: Nov 10, 2020

EPISODE 4 - Pete and Charlie from SOLO WOOD RECYCLED

When I visited Solo Wood Recycling for the first time found myself, truly surrounded by lots and lots of wood. But I surrounded myself as well, by an organisation with true soul.

The team work, the leadership and the joint cause that they all share, makes you fall in love with that wood yard and workshop.

The wood is carefully sorted and displayed. I am no expert, but hey! I kind of know now where to look for what. There are magic rooms with lovely furniture looking to be upcycled and given a new life. There is a room full of picture frames (I can see myself using one of them for one of my future macrame projects).

The concept of sustainability covers not just the environment such as natural resource usage, pollution prevention and bio diversity, but it has to cover economics and society too.

The perfect sustainable company or project has to cover:

- Social Economic Aspects such as business ethics, fair trading and worker's benefits.

- Social Environmental Aspects such as conservation policies, environmental justice and global stewardship, and

- Environmental Economic Aspects such as energy efficiency, renewable fuels, subsidies, incentives and green technologies.

And when you are in Solo Wood Recycling you feel they have got that to a T.

It is a perfect sustainable cause with the perfect sustainable warriors fighting for it.

They lead by example, and it is a great place to learn and to follow.

Check out those wooden Christmas Trees, The Cute Santa, and those lovely snowmen.

I leave you here with Solo Wood Recycling.

Solo Wood Recycling is a not for profit social enterprise, established in 2015, based in Croydon South London, and specialising in the reuse of wood waste.

As a reuse and recycling enterprise we currently prevent 50 - 100 tonnes of wood waste a month going into landfill. We then work alongside other social enterprises, community organisations, faith groups, schools, private individuals and more by supplying cheap reclaimed timber for their projects, often donating large quantities of materials or maximising budgets that are already stretched.

We currently employ 8 staff members, all of whom have been marginalised in society through various learning conditions or have long term employment issues. In recent months we have begun to work closely with Croydon Council’s social services department, and are trialling a placement programme whereby 5 vulnerable adults have begun volunteering with us on site one day a week. Through these opportunities we are aiming to aid their personal development through social interaction in a business setting, and hopefully increasing their employability prospects.

Many thanks.

Peter Carlisle

Director, Solo Wood Recycling.

Solo Wood Recycling´s shop and social media links.

THE SUSTAINABLE 2020 CHRISTMAS IG LIVE Episode 4 for you to check

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