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Updated: Sep 28, 2021

I guess that homeschooling is done for us.

Hopefully forever, or not, but hey, you never know.

It has been an interesting experience for me, as a mum of two boys, and indeed to most parents in the United Kingdom.

I always like to see the positive experience on everything I do, and even though there have been tears, tantrums and magical moments. i have to say that one of the main advantages of all of this is having found out how the education system is organised.

And as much I have to give an incredible amount of credit to those teachers in the front line, making sure that our kids get that knowledge that we believe they need... I have to say that I have witnessed the old and obsolete education system that they are part of. The education system where all our kids get tested and measured by one and only one measurement - the maths and literacy test- , it doesn't matter if that measure fits them or not.

Last week, I finally relaxed. I let them be, I though... if they don't want to do their homework... let them be... let them be themselves. and it paid off, we had most of a relaxed week and we looked forward to hang around each other, even if that meant me playing (or at least trying) Minecraft with them.

I had the opportunity of spending most of my Thursday, the 4th of March, watching the online broadcast of "Imagine If ...", a celebration of the life and legacy of Ken Robinson (, and how our education system should be based in creativity instead of just maths and literacy.

If you don't know who Ken Robinson is ( , you can get a taste of his greatness in the most viewed Ted Talk ever, here... and his believe that we need to change our education paradigms and why

In a quite timely manner, I got to finish David Attenborough: A life on Our Planet, and it just reassured me that we really need to shift the way we look at our daily life. Starting with the education system, as the new generations need us to really change our paradigms for them to save themselves and our planet.

We need to support their future with fresh eyes, looking and listening to them, seeing what they can create and allowing them to create it. We need to put creativity back on the pipeline... because supporting their talents, their element, their creativity, their mental health and their strengths will bring them and our precious earth the solutions they need.

Our youngsters are struggling with their mental health, from primary school to university as the world that we have designed is not working for them and their vision.

We need to get on board instead of fighting it. We need to provide and support their creativity instead of just their literacy, because artists and creativity matter so much nowadays.

I am trying to do my bit, by supporting local mental health charities and delivering macrame workshops for young adults along with Jane at Know You How Sewing School at Beckenham Place Park Mansion ( .

Macrame is an ancient, easy, beautiful and therapeutic craft. Macrame taps into your creativity and caresses your brain. It helped me; and I am happier than I have ever been, because I am finally admiting that I am an artist, to myself and the world, and that the work I do is meaningful and it makes a difference. Because it really does.

So, I invite you to look at your child, look at their element, their creativity, their talents and imagine a world where they would make the most of those to make a positive mark in this world. A mark that allows them to be happy, mentally and physically healthy and in balance and harmony with nature. And maybe contact the school and ask some questions, we need to start putting pressure to make sure those changes start to happen from within, starting from our children and going all the way up.


Have a look into our workshops and give them a try. I provide the cords and guide you while we talk. I am a qualified art therapeutic coach and you won't regret the positive conversations and the shifts of paradigms and affirmations that we can work together as a group.

And if you don't feel comfortable you can always book a 121 session.

And remember we do Corporate Team Workshops too for more info feel free to email me at:

Have a look at all the new workshops that you can attend:

Young adults workshops:

Online Workshops:

- Online Wall Hanging Plant Hanger Workshop

- Online Eco Necklaces Workshop

- Online Hellena Plant Hanger Workshop

- Online Macrame Fruit Bag workshop

- 121 Online Design your Macrame Wallhangin Workshop

Don't forget to support your local mental health charity or organisation:

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